In the end, it’s all about the kids.


We tackle inequalities in education through a systems lens.


We dream of a day when all children and youth, regardless of where they come from or the circumstances that life has given them, can attain the resources and supports necessary to achieve their fullest potential.


We work with youth, their caretakers, educators, nonprofit and business leaders, innovators/entrepreneurs, and foundations to co-design system-level strategies that provide educational supports and opportunities so that young people thrive.


We attempt to understand the effect of interventions on and in schools and communities through formal social systems mapping and computer simulation with rigorous data analysis using system dynamics from student, parent, caretaker, and other stakeholder perspectives.

We are concerned with what’s happening today, but also how our actions to improve systems for children affects the future, paying close to attention to potential unintended consequences.


Our current projects are focused on:

  1. Increasing access to culturally sensitive, high quality early childhood education, and

  2. Researching and understanding pathways to improve the educational experiences of children and youth living in families that are experiencing the effects of poverty.

Full experience coming November 2018 //